Welcome to the Synoptic Meteorology Laboratory of Department of Atmospheric Science, Kongju National University, Korea.

about SML

Synoptic Meteorology Laboratory (SML)

Major research target of the SML is weather phenomena in the Earth’s Atmosphere. As accumulated weather signals, climate is also important study area in the SML. Weather or weather related features are all our missions to study.

Our major research tool is numerical models. The Global/Regional Integrated Model system (GRIMs) is on developing in the SML. Isotope-incorporated Global-Regional Spectral Model (IsoG-RSM) and the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model are also experimental tools in the SML.


Research Topics:

Synoptic meteorology: Precipitation systems over the Korean Peninsula

Numerical Modeling

– Radioactive tracer modeling (IsoRSM)

– Isotope modeling (IsoGSM, IsoRSM)

– Weather & Climate modeling (GRIMs, WRF, GRIMs-MOM5, GRIMs-ROMS)

– Atmos-hydrological modeling (WRF, WRF-Hydro)


The Global/Regional Integrated Model system (GRIMs) is being developed in the SML. GRIMs source code can be downloaded through the SVN system. Please contact to get access code.

(GRIMs Homepage)


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